Who We Are

The future of warehousing is here.

State of art warehouses
Ratan Realty is a purpose-driven organisation, committed to delivering exceptional value and fortitude to clients' program teams through its adeptness in contemporary pricing and economic trends. With a focus on customer-centricity, Ratan Realty employs cutting-edge techniques and methodologies in the construction and design sectors, ensuring the delivery of top-notch services to its esteemed clientele.

Customised solutions
At Ratan Realty, we understand the challenges of finding the perfect space to store your commodities. That's why we provide customised solutions that suit your specific needs, whether you are a small business or an individual in need of extra space.

Long-term relationships
Our company is founded on the principles of loyalty, honesty, integrity, secrecy, dedication, and empathy. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, providing a seamless experience from start to finish, and delivering on our promises.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best possible service, and we take great pride in our work. We are passionate about developing top-quality warehouses to help you achieve your goals and aspirations.

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, Ratan Realty is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with your storage needs.


Revolutionise industrial real estate development with innovative and sustainable solutions, becoming the leading name in the industry.


Our mission is to be the preferred partner in progress for clients in industrial real estate. We strive to deliver tailored, sustainable solutions with the highest standards of quality, safety, integrity, and transparency.


leading warehousing developing company with a remarkable success story. The company's growth and success can be attributed to the visionary leadership of its two promoters,Mr. Shankar Ishwarlal. Patel and Mr. Vinod Ishwarlal. Gorani.

Mr. Shankar Patel, a seasoned businessman with a keen eye for detail, is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the company. With his deep understanding of logistics and supply chain management, Shankar ensures that the company's operations are streamlined and efficient, delivering top-notch services to clients.

Mr. Vinod Gorani, an expert in financial planning and management, is responsible for managing accounts, analysing, and preparing finances. His expertise has helped Ratan Realty to make strategic investments in its business, which has led to significant growth and profitability. Read More...

Together, Shankar and Vinod form a dynamic duo that is committed to delivering the best possible service to clients. Their leadership has helped Ratan Realty to establish itself as a trusted name in the warehousing and storage industry. They are dedicated to driving the company forward with their vision and expertise, and their passion for their work is evident in every aspect of the company's operations.



Project Co-ordinator & Partner

Work Experience - 30 Years

Present Involvement - Project Planning, Day To Day Programme & Executing The Same. Co-ordination with client, Architect, R. C. C. Consultant etc. Completion of project in time & quality. Following Safety Measures Surveying With Total Station.



Project Co-ordinator & Partner
Company Account Management & Partner

Work Experience - 18 Years

Present Involvement - Preparing and analyzing financial statements reviewing Reconciling general ledger accounts. Managing cashflow. Maintaining Books of account of the company under Indian Law.


Diploma in Civil Engineer, BE CiVil
Company Account Management & Partner

Work Experience - 2 Years

Present Involvement - Preparing and analyzing financial statements reviewing Reconciling general ledger accounts. Managing cashflow. Maintaining Books of account of the company under Indian Law.



Work Experience - 4 Years

Present Involvement - As a financial expert with four years of experience in the industry, I specialise in maintaining the books of account for companies under Indian Law. With a keen eye for detail, I take pride in preparing and analysing financial statements, and I am skilled in reconciling general ledger accounts. Managing cash flow is another area of expertise for me, where I utilise my analytical and strategic abilities to ensure optimal financial performance for the company.


B. E. (Honors) Civil from University of Mumbal.
Chief Engineer & Project Manager

Work Experience - 15 Years

Present Involvement -
• Planning of various work activities of project & preparing initial plans by representing it using Bar Chart of Milestone Chart or as per clients Requirement.
• Assisting in preparation of various Tenders in co-ordination with respective consulting agencies.
• Co-ordination between Client various consulting agencies, execution agencies, suppliers etc. for the efficient execution of project.
• Checking the bills of various agencies
against the tendered BOQ & certifying bills & forwarding for release of payment.